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The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration, AirVenture Schedule 2014!

*Kirby arrives Tuesday, with the Team following on Wednesday, due to the Red Bull Air Race in Gdynia, Poland.

~Tuesday night~1800 sponsor dinner

2000 ICON Welcome Party

~Wednesday~0700 early morning practice

0730 Media

0830 Introducing our AirVenture Intern for 2014

Night Show- wouldn’t miss it!

~Thursday~0700 Early morning practice

0730 Photo shoot with Mike Shore

1000 Autograph session at the Tempest Booth 4079/4080 Hangar D

1115 Autograph session at the Parker Aerospace/Cleveland 3087/3088 Hangar C

1200 Autograph session at the B&C Specialty Products Booth 1155 Hangar A

1330 Interview at the AirVenture Announcers Stand with Steve Buss

1400 Special appearance

1830 Sponsor dinner

~Friday~0700 Early morning practice

0800 Media

1000 Autograph signing at Kiddie Hawk Air Academy located at KidVenture

1030 Autograph signing at MGL Avionics 2139/2140 Hangar B

1110 Autograph signing at GoPro 393/394 Main Aircraft Display

1200 Briefing

1315 Press Conference and Award Ceremony at GoPro

1430 AirVenture Air Show begins

1900 Sponsor Dinner

~Saturday~0700 Early morning practice

0800 Media

1000 Autograph signing at A/C Air Technology 360 Main Aircraft Display

1030 Autograph signing at CJ Aviation 3086 Hangar C

1100  Autograph signing at GoPro 393/394 Main Aircraft Display

1130 Briefing

1400 Special appearance

1430 AirVenture Air Show begins

~Sunday~ Depart the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration!

*Schedule is subject to change, please continue to check back with us for updates…

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Kirby Chambliss-Making Your Own Luck!

So far this season, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship hasn’t gone according to plan for one of its most consistently successful pilots, Kirby Chambliss. At this weekend’s event in Malaysia, the 2006 overall champion will push hard to break out of a slump, giving his all – as he’s always done.

PUTRAJAYA (Malaysia)– Kirby Chambliss believes that you make your own luck. Growing up in Texas, his family worked hard just to make ends meet – there wasn’t money for flying lessons. Today, however, Kirby is one of the planet’s most accomplished pilots; and one of the inspirational pioneers who has helped to make the Red Bull Air Race World Championship a global success. On Sunday, at the the Malaysian stop of the world’s fastest motorsport series, he’ll use the same perseverance that has served him so well in a determined effort to come back from early season disappointments.

“Growing up in the United States, you can be anybody you want to be – you just have to be willing to work hard and make all the sacrifices,” Chambliss said after Friday’s training runs in blistering Putrajaya. “And for me, I consider myself really lucky because I always knew what I wanted to do – be a pilot.”

So when Chambliss’s dad came home with a mish-mash of airplane parts, a teenage Kirby worked after school and on weekends to help him rebuild the aircraft. To pay for flying lessons, the youngster washed dishes and took whatever jobs he could find –from fueling and washing planes to slinging baggage. He got his ratings, flew cargo, worked as a flying instructor, and at 24 became the youngest pilot at Southwest Airlines. Aerobatics followed, including five U.S. National Unlimited Championships, the Freestyle World Championship, and then his success in the Red Bull Air Race, where he immediately became a dominant force.

Nonetheless, the first two Air Race stops this season haven’t been particularly kind to the flying ace, who comes into Putrajaya ranked tenth overall. And the tropical heat – a good 115 degrees F / 45 degrees C in the cockpit while wearing a G-race suit that feels, in the pilot’s words, “like an electric blanket” – is a challenge for all the contenders. But Chambliss isn’t about to fly conservatively now. “I’m going to push hard, and if it doesn’t work out or I touch a gate,” he says, “at least I tried my best.” As ever, Kirby Chambliss will be going for the win.

Story by Red Bull Air Race

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Pilot Bio

Kirby Chambliss
Kirby Chambliss
Years on Team: 19


- Five time winner of the U.S. national aerobatic championship. - Current residence: Flying Crown Ranch, AZ - He is one of the best aerobatic pilots in the world. - One of only two American pilots ever to win the Red Bull Air Race world championship. - Flown more than 70 types of aircraft and logged over 26,000 hours ( that's three years!) in the air.